Month: January 2019

Best Celebration of Live Venues Reviewed

Ideas and thoughts on how to celebrate the life of your loved one

The decision to celebrate the life of a loved one helps us to overcome grief and reflect on the life and times of the deceased member. The celebration also helps one to start the process of healing. Although there is no set formula on how the celebrations should be done, there are helpful thoughts and ideas that will help you have a successful life celebration event This article highlights and explains some of these thoughts and ideas as follows:

Planting a tree-It is important to consider planting a tree that the deceased member would have wished. It is also important to plan a good plaque that capture the date the deceased was born and died. You can also have a short photo on the plaque.

Poem and Bible Verse reading-You can have a beautifully written and laminated poem that you share with various attendees. Have a short photo on the poem that suits the purpose of the celebration. Let a young person recite the poem or a Bible verse.

Flowers and donations-You can inform the visitors to come with a donation that will be offered to a charity that the dead supported instead of carrying flowers.

Strategic places-As part of memory, you can create a space where the deceased one used to seat. This will offer some comfort to some members.

Internet domain or SNS-You can create a domain on the internet or social networking sites where friends, colleagues and family can share photos of the loved one. Through these sites, you can share videos, and short stories about the deceased person.

Cremation-In case the deceased is cremated you can purchase a potted plant for all family members. You can sprinkle the ashes to each plant as a sign of continuity of life.

Cremation Jewelry-You can have your loved one’s ashes turned into diamond jewerly within 6 months. However, if this may appear to be strange you can buy a standard jewerly and  have the photo of your loved one emblazoned there.

Memory capsule-This entails an event that each attendee participates. You can ask each visitor to Celebration of life bring along anything that will symbolize the memory of the deceased individual. The items are then put together in a box and buried thereafter.

Release a sky Lante-This allows each member to participate and share their prayers and thoughts. Each family member can do a short message on their lantern. You can all gather together and release the lanterns to the sky after sunset. It is important to watch as each message illuminates the sky.

Personalized remembrance takeaway-You can thank each attendee through a memory stone or never forget me seed packet.