Effective Ways of Advertising a New Business


Advertising is an activity aimed at creating awareness about products and services a company produces. Therefore, an advertising plan should be a key part of your marketing scope. In order to gain the competitive advantage among other competitors, one must be creative and innovative while advertising. Advertising in most cases is costly so one has to be distinctive while laying out the objectives of their plan. Even though every business is unique, the main goal for advertising should be to create public awareness, promote sales, increase revenues and be cost effective. 

First one has to define the potential customers then conduct a feasibility study. This will help to determine the appropriate means to adopt while advertising. It will also aid in drawing a road map towards achieving the ultimate goal of advertising. The advertising methods differ based in relation to cost, medium and target group. Some of these advertising methods include: 

  1. Business Cards. 

This is an affordable means of informing the public about your business. They can be distributed during networking, social events and even at meetings. It should contain the name of your business, contact person, detailed address, brief description and a slogan of that business. The information provided is very vital as it can be used by a potential customer to contact given business entity. 

  1. Newspaper Advertising 

This can as well prove to be effective for a small business. A single publication can reach a larger audience sensitizing them about your products and services. A small business entity can opt for this method as the cost will vary based on frequency of publication and circulation areas. 

  1. Brochures 

These might prove to be expensive even though they are very effective. Brochures are important as they provide detailed information about a business. The detailed information can convince one to opt for certain products as they get are lured by what is displayed. These can be distributed in hard copies in social gatherings, trade exhibitions and community functions. You can as well distribute them in soft copy through direct mails. 

  1. Promotional Gimmicks 

These are free products given to potential customers during marketing. They may include free pens, caps, mugs, t-shirts branded with your company name and logo. The branding will create awareness of your business as the unique logo and name will stimulate curiosity among people to find out more information on what your organization offers. 

To sum it up, one should be vigilant as they pick on the appropriate ways to advertise their businesses. This is because effective advertising will ensure the success of a business. This results from the ability of the business to reach its target audience in a more close and effective manner. You need also to be creative and innovative while advertising to put your business in a good position among your competitors. 

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